By Liz Burrow


Traditionally the spring market is considered the time to sell but their are some advantages to marketing a home during the holiday season.


  • Buyer commitment – Spring is a fun time to come out of hibernation and view homes, so you often find more spontaneous buyers ‘testing the waters’. Facing the colder dreary weather often means those buyers are more serious.
  • Showing numbers While you may get fewer showings during this period, the ones you do are generally more committed to the process. This means you only vacate your home for buyers who are serious.
  • Less competition – As many sellers are holding off for the spring market, buyers have fewer choices.
  • Taxes – Some buyers prefer to close prior to the end of the year for tax purposes.
  • Summer Comps – Appraisers general do not look at comps older than 6 months so those they use during the winter months are made up of strong sales from the height of the summer market.
  • Come in from the cold – The cozy atmosphere of winter homes with the lights on and the heat turned up is inviting to prospective buyers.
  • Deck the Halls Keep it tasteful and simple, but take advantage of the season to make your home welcoming and cheerful with Holiday decorations.
  • Time to shop – Due to the holidays’ many buyers get time off from work, allowing them more time to spend on house hunting.
  • Company Transfers – Relocations are common this time of year, to allow employees to begin work in at the start of a new year. These buyers are motivated to find the right home quickly, and often have company resources at their disposal such as relocation assistance, giving them a little more flexibility in their negotiations.

Take care to have your Realtor keep your pictures current. If your home has not sold by January, having the Christmas tree and holiday lights still displayed on your photographs invites buyers to queston why this house is still for sale.

When the winter weather sets in, the serious buyers will still be out there to take advantage, and embrace the season.

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