If you have your home on that market during the holiday season here are a few tips when decorating. This time of the year can be very special and helps to raise the moods of buyers so cash in by making your house as inviting as possible, without overpowering the senses when people step inside. Celebrate the season while still allowing all your home’s special attributes to shine through.

Think carefully about what you want to enhance and what you would like to play down. While Santa’s, elves, and reindeer bring joy to the hearts of children, this year you need to direct your decorating towards the audience who matters most:-the adults, so keep it subtle and elegant.

  • Street appeal – Resist the temptation to add anything to the lawn (or roof), and be aware of what the decorations look like during the daylight. Although they may be very pretty at night, lots of wires can be unsightly during the day, when most showings occur.
  • Come on in White Icicle lights along with a welcoming wreath on the front door would be a safe option. Adding candle lights to each window can also create an attractive picture should any of your showings be after dark.
  • Tree lights – go white instead of colored and static rather than blinking. A simple theme of matching colors for your ornaments, such as silver, glass or white will be elegant and pleasing to the eye but if your home is more rustic or earthy, colors such as golds, rich cranberries, and greens display well.
  • Size and space Be mindful of the area that the tree will occupy and ensure that it does not dwarf the room. You may need to remove some furniture to facilitate this. Enhance your features

This is a unique opportunity to direct attention towards the great attributes of your home. Cleverly placed decorations and artful lighting can draw the eye towards architectural details or upgrades that at any other time of the year may be hard highlight.

  • Do not touch don’t place ornaments or decorations in a spot that invites youngsters to touch. Parents distracted by having to keep their little ones in check are not going to be giving your home the attention they should.
  • Thrill the senses holiday aromas and sounds can help to add ambiance, but be subtle. If the smells are too strong, buyers may wonder what you’re hiding and if you play holiday music, think orchestral and soft. A rousing rendition of ‘Grandma got run over by a reindeer’ may not be the mood you are going for!
  • Picture updates If your home is not under contract by the end of the holiday season, it is vital that your realtor update the online pictures immediately. Nothing draws attention to ‘days on the market’ like Holiday decorations in January!

While having showings during the holidays can be intrusive on special family time, the feeling of goodwill that the season brings can certainly work in your favor. Take advantage and invite buyers to see your home as their own. 


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