Most people agree with the concept of supporting our local economy, but when it comes to real estate, it is more about knowledge and expertise than just helping local business. I hear agents all the time saying, ‘Lake Linganore is the best- kept secret in Frederick’, and that doesn’t necessarily equate to a good thing when it comes to selling or buyer a home.

We have a unique community and knowing all its attributes is essential to effective marketing. There is a host of very talented and knowledgeable local professionals from within this community who can advise and assist with any real estate transaction.

  1. Networking: The leading local agents, although they may be from different companies, work together on a regular basis, and are often able to match up buyers and sellers using their knowledge of the inventory and what may be coming onto the market.
  2. Appraisal assistance: Lake Linganore is one of the most challenging areas in Frederick County to appraise, and so an agent who can assist with the right comps is invaluable to a smooth transaction.
  3. Inventory knowledge:  Resident agents can stay up to date on the inventory by touring properties and attending open houses and so have detailed knowledge of condition and updates in many of the homes on the market.
  4. Changing landscape: The community is constantly altering and having inside information about how these changes may benefit potential buyers can make all the difference to securing an offer.
  5. Pricing know-how: You only get one chance at the all-important first few weeks on the market, and it is vital to have any home priced correctly from the outset. Knowing which sub-divisions form accurate comps is a skill acquired by understanding the intricacies of this area and an agent not intimately familiar with Lake Linganore will often struggle.
  6. Local Auxiliary support: Although this is more relevant to buyers, real estate offices frequently have affiliations with auxiliary services such as lenders, settlement companies, and inspectors.  It  stands  to  reason  that if the agency is out of the area, so will their auxiliary companies be, further reducing local expertise.
 7.   HOA and by-laws – The Community’s inner workingsare complicatedand often not fully understood, even by residents. Understanding the community improvement fee, re-sale packages, benefit assessments, and building restrictions is information that local agents work with daily, while others may not be as informed. Getting an offer to the settlement table is often dependent on items such as these which, if overlooked can cause a transaction to falter.

But the most important factor of all is the love for the area. Lake Linganore is so much more than the home itself. The lifestyle is what attracts people to our area and who better to explain this lifestyle to sell your home, or find you a new one, than someone who has chosen to make Lake Linganore their home.


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