As you settle back into your routine after a busy summer why not take advantage of the lull before the storm of holiday activity to prepare your home for the coming winter. Here are some simple checklists to help you get ahead of the game.   


  • Lawn – Reseed and winter fertilize
  • Mulch  – to protect your plants and trees from the cold
  • Deer proof – if deer are a problem cover plants with wire and netting
  • Garden hoses – Drain residual water and bring them in from the cold
  • Leaves – Consider mowing leaves instead of raking. This can aid in nourishing your lawn during the winter months.
  • Faucets – drain and winterize to guard against freezing
  • Gazebo – disassemble, clean, dry and pack away the canopy
  • Plant pots – Empty out soil and drain to prevent freezing and cracking
  • Patio Furniture & Grill – Clean, cover and store in a protected place
  • Gutters – clear out leaves, to help prevent ice dams, and check for damaged downspouts


  • Fireplace – have chimney and flue cleaned if necessary
  • Smoke detectors – exchange the batteries
  • Carpets – get them cleaned while you can still open windows to air them
  • Weather stripping – check for drafts around doors and windows
  • Furnace – replace filters and have your furnace serviced if necessary
  • Humidifier – when the heating comes on it is time to run your humidifier
  • Wood / propane – Make sure you wood pile is stocked or your propane tank filled
  • Ceiling Fans – Reverse the flow to circulate heated air back down into rooms

Most of the tasks on your ‘to do’ list are simple but some require a professional so make sure you plan ahead! Beat the rush if you have a snow blower and get it serviced early in the season, before you need it! When that first big snow storm looms you’ll be glad you did. The repair companies are inundated with last minute maintenance requests and with a little foresight you won’t be the one left to do all that heavy shoveling by hand.

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