(7 benefits of Selling your home during the holidays)

The holiday season, from Thanksgiving through January, is often considered to be a ‘slow’ time of year for selling a home,  but here are some aspects to listing during this time of year which actually work to the seller’s advantage.


  • Relocations – Companies often transfer employees to begin work in January. These buyers are motivated and in a hurry to find the right home. In addition, they often have company assistance with their moving costs, allowing them to be less rigorous in their negotiations.
  • Taxes – There are buyers who prefer to close before January 1st to take advantage of additional write offs in the current tax year.
  • Reduced competition – There are generally fewer homes on the market during this period, leaving less for buyers to choose from.
  • Brave the cold – Winter weather creates a welcoming atmosphere, inviting prospective buyers in from the cold.
  • Holiday cheer – Taking advantage of the season by decorating for the holidays can generate a spirit of wellbeing amongst buyers. By all means ‘Deck the Halls’ but keep it tastefully simple.
  • Warm & Inviting – Cozy lighting and crackling fires can enhance the appeal of any home.
  • Time to shop – Many people receive time off from their companies during the holidays, giving them more opportunity to house hunt.

In springtime buyers can’t wait to get out and enjoy the warmer days but when the icy weather sets in, they are far more likely to carefully select their properties via internet searches before venturing out.  It is vital to ensure that your realtor has your home professionally presented online, highlighting all of its best features. Have your pictures create a visual ‘tour’, inviting prospective buyers to brave the cold and come and experience what your home has to offer.

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