By Liz Burrow, Realtor®

Exposure to capture attention is of ultimate importance when marketing a home. You want as many people as possible to be attracted by your listing, and the tools for that are marketing, pictures, internet exposure, signage, and open houses. But no matter how good your marketing,  here are mistakes that sellers make that turn potential buyers off. Here are some to avoid.

  • Limited Access – Let’s face it, having your home on the market is extremely inconvenient. But if you want to get it sold you need to make it as accessible as possible to all potential buyers. They are the customers, and it is vital to make every effort to work around their schedules whenever possible.

  • Sellers Present– Having the sellers on the premises during a showing is uncomfortable for everyone. The buyers are not able to speak freely, and the sellers are never sure where to be. Even worse is when the sellers feel the need to explain the features of the home or upgrades that they have done. As helpful as this may seem, buyers prefer to be able to explore by themselves and talk to each other and their agent about the home, without feeling like the seller might overhear them.

    Rushed Departure– While on occasions this is unavoidable it is best to be out of the house prior to the buyers arriving, as this can create another uncomfortable situation. Worse still is taking the dog for a walk or leaving by car and being visible waiting down the street to return. This will unnecessarily hurry the buyers through their showing, and they may miss some important features.

  • Overwhelming Smells– While pet or strong food odors are a no-no, very strong perfume and air freshener scents can be just as concerning to buyers. While your house is on the market try not to cook any very pungent meals and keep those cat boxes scrupulously clean and as out of the way as possible. You never know when you will get a short notice showing.

Restricted Rooms– Buyers need to see all the home, so everything needs to be accessible to them. Rent a storage unit if necessary or utilize the garage but never close off rooms. Remember that when you get an offer, the inspector will need to be able to access every aspect of the home.

Operating in the Dark– Have you ever been into a builder’s model home without every light being on?There is a reason for this. Buyers have a much more positive reaction to well-lit homes so when you leave for work, even if you don’t have any showings scheduled, it is good practice to leave your house illuminated, just in case.

Good marketing will capture the attention of potential buyers but getting them through your home with the most positive experience possible, and on their schedule, is what will get that sold sign in your yard.

LakeTalk April 2019

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