While Linganore is a wonderfully safe environment most of the time, moving triggers lots of opportunities for people to expose weaknesses in their home security system. Inviting attention to potential burglars is something that should be avoided and very simple to escape.


Think about this: If companies such as home improvement stores get notifications to send you discount coupons for updates on your new home, all of the information about your move is clearly out there for anyone to access. Here are some tips on how to minimize your vulnerabilities.


  • Locks – New construction companies have a system that allows the tumbler to be changed in the lock when the owner takes possession of their home and uses their master key for the first time. However, if you are buying a resale consider changing your locks when moving in. You have no idea who the previous owner gave a key to.
  • Garage codes – The same applies to the garage code, as homeowners often give out the code to cleaners, handymen, pet sitters and friends. In addition, when the home is on the market some agents will use the garage code to give access to inspectors, agents and sometimes even companies who do deliveries and maintenance on the home. Any of these could be security risks to you once you move in.
  • Security Cameras – even in a safe environment there is no harm in installing a security camera system. It can be inexpensive and easy and will certainly give you piece of mind to know who is coming and going on your property. The visual presence of cameras can also be a deterrent to anyone thinking of wrong doing.
  • Visibility – Don’t leave tempting items like computers and electronics in plain sight or easily accessible for someone just walking past. Crimes of opportunity are by far the most prevalent in areas with a lower crime rate.
  • Yard Scape – Overgrown bushes and shrubs make great hiding places for people wanting to check out your home so keep them well trimmed and away from the house.
  • Neighbors – Take the time to get to know your neighbors as soon as possible. Not only will they let you know if they see anything suspicious in your yard, but you can also return the favor and watch over their homes when they are away. It is also a wonderful way to make new friends and become a part of the community.


Being overcautious can certainly impact your quality of life and let’s face it, in a community like this there is little need to be paranoid, but being vigilant and making a few simple but wise choices can keep your home and your possessions safe.


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