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October 2023

I have personally know Liz now for 7 years. The house that I built was a 100% custom home. From nuts to bolts to fittings to appliances, everything was handpicked. The house was built with a lot of love and care. When I decided to sell, I thought of assessing the market and in fact brought in and spoke to few other realtors to see if they actually understood the house and the area that I live in. It didn’t surprise me when other realtors didn’t understand the value and gave me a price which was not comparable to the area. I always knew that Liz would be my go-to realtor. More than a realtor, I knew Liz as a good friend. She is someone I can seek real estate advice from and I really respect her opinions given her amount of experience. I might be a little off with the dates but I believe I spoke to Liz the second week of April. She had pictures taken a week after and the house went on the market 4/21/2023. The house is an open design concept with lot of natural air. The pictures which were taken were impeccable. Terrific ones. I have a fair experience with getting houses on the market as a seller and have seen bad pictures in the past; these pictures were unbeatable in terms of quality and aesthetics! The showings that began on 4/21 never stopped and on 4/28 we had an offer. This is where Liz really did a tremendous job at negotiating and supporting the listing price. This is Liz’s biggest strength. From the initial listing appointment to when the property was active on the market market and all the way to closing, Liz was there to answer my questions. She worked with the buyers’ agent and got our questions answered promptly. Her assistant, Katie, was prompt to respond and she made sure that everything was well organized. The house was under contract in a week and closed within about 40 days. This is what I expected from Liz and she went above and beyond. Liz’s knowledge of New Market, especially Lake Linganore, is second to none. To get the asking price without any counters and executing the transaction seamlessly is an arduous process. Liz’s several years of experience helped us with the selling of this house.  Thanks Liz!

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